My photographs have value.

Hello, my name is Norman. I work as a commercial photographer, retoucher, and photo editor in Berlin and worldwide. ¶ This website is about me, the way I work, and shows some selected works.

¶ I am specialised in events and portraits – I just love working with people. In the end it is all about taking visually striking, professional photographs right on spot that support my clients with their goals. ¶ In short: I take photographs that might impress you.


I am specialized in portraits and events. It is said that I manage to ‘capture moments properly’ and that many of my photographs reflect Berlin’s creative and artistic scene with start-ups, studios, workshops and freelancers. I am fascinated by the digital, by technology, design, and the people behind it. It is the energy in these areas that drives me with my work every single day.

¶ In addition to my main work in the fields mentioned above, I also always focus on charitable projects. When I discover something that arouses my interest and I feel that I can contribute in one way or another, I am very happy to be there.


My photographs have personality. I am known for a fresh, natural look of my images that are meticulously made. ¶ It all starts with the equipment*. With the right mix of prime and zoom lenses I get the best results for all things I’m focused on. Whether it is the creaminess of a bokeh in a portrait, the sharpness of a fine detail or the wide-angle shot of an event I rely on my tools. ¶ The right environment in combination with an atmospheric lights setting is an essential part as well. Simply said photography is catching light. ¶ It all ends with my highly trained skills and techniques of digital retouching. I tastefully remove flaws and emphasise details, correct colours and lights, fine tune perspectives and geometry while preserving a naturally perfect look.

¶ But why retouch at all? It is a question people ask me a lot. That is pretty easy to answer. We have viewing habits and there is a difference in looking at someone face to face or at a photograph. The perception is totally different. You see more details, you pay much more attention to flaws, blemeshes, spots, winkles, dark under-eye circles, you name it. A camera just gives its own interpretation of the real world that mostly is not the result you would expect and – more importantly – accept. Retouching helps to correct this. ¶ The basic idea is to get the very best out of my images that caters my clients’ taste and fits their needs.

*2 × Sony Alpha 7R III · Sony FE 2.8 / 16–35 GM · Sony / Zeiss Sonnar T​​ FE 2.8 / 35 ZA · Sony FE 2.8 / 24–70 GM · Sony FE 1.4 / 85 GM · Sony FE 2.8 / 90 Macro G OSS · FE 2.8 / 70–200 GM OSS · Manfrotto tripods · Profoto A1 · 2 × Profoto B2 · reflectors · backgrounds


I am in the fortunate position of being able to call many of my clients friends. The majority of these come from the typography and design scene, but also from completely different areas. What is important to me in any case is a trusting and honest relationship with each other. Only when all sides can get involved the best results can be achieved.