“The trick for great event photogr… timing!”

Hello and welcome here. My name is Norman and I have been working as a freelance photographer and retoucher for almost twelve years. Berlin is my home. My work takes me all over the world.

My specialization in corporate and archival photography ranges from
consumer goods and prototypes to archival material and museum exhibits.
The Bauhaus Archive in Berlin, the Pomeranian State Museum, the Industrial Designers
MAGAZIN and many other cultural institutions use my photographs.

Many clients particularly appreciate the precision of my work, which extends
that reaches far into the micrometer range.

I also have a soft spot for portraits, special events, and everyday things. In any case it is all about taking compelling photographs right on spot that support my clients and their goals.

In short: I don’t take photographs that stand out but stand apart.



  • Product Photography (w/ an accuracy of 0.2 µ)
  • Archival Photography – Digitization according to the standards of the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz; w/ up to 240.8 megapixels
  • Film Scanning [35 mm film (strip, mounted), 120 (medium) format film w/ up to 9600 dpi]
  • Portrait and Conference Photography


  • high quality, ready for different use-cases
  • Retouching of your Photographs


My photographs are meticulously made. They are defined by a fresh and natural look. No matter if bright and vivid colors or a deep and rich monochromatic spectrum.

It all starts with the right equipment. With a mix of prime and zoom lenses I get the very best results for all things I am focused on. Whether it is the shallow depth of a blurry bokeh in a portrait, a razor sharp detail or the ultra-wide view of an event space I rely on my gear. Like a carpenter needs his plane, chisel, and a hammer.

The right environment in combination with a sophisticated light setup is an essential part, too – natural light, flashes, huge soft boxes, grids, and gels.

My highly trained skills and techniques of digital retouching enable a pristine appearance. I tastefully eliminate blemishes and emphasize details, correct lights / shadows, and fine tune perspectives as well as geometry. It culminates in nuanced sharpening and color grading.

Norman Posselt, photographed by Gerhard Kassner Norman Posselt, photographed by Gerhard Kassner


My desk in November 2021. My desk in November 2021.

Why retouching at all? Quick answer: we all have viewing habits. Also there is a difference in looking at someone face to face or at a photograph. The perception is totally different. You see more details, you pay much more attention to flaws, blemeshes, spots, wrinkles, dark under-eyes, you name it. In addition a camera gives its own interpretation of the real world that mostly is not the result you would expect and – more importantly – accept. Retouching helps to correct this.

The basic idea is to get the very best out of my images that caters my clients’ taste and fits their needs.

Regarding products people expect certain things: e.g. overall sharpness, no distortion, a deep depth of field, and color accuracy to name a few. My clients want to show their products and objects the best way possible. To get there Photoshop is an essential part. By combining different photographs of the same object – each one highlighting a different spot – I try create images that show products that have the detail and accuracy of a rendering but at the same time the warmth of real photograph.

Notable Clients

I am in the fortunate position of being able to say that I have great clients. The majority come from the design, media scene, and consumer goods sector. What is important to me in any case is a trusting and honest relationship with each other.

Ableton AG · Adobe Inc. · Akademie der Künste, Berlin · ATypI · Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung · Bayer AG · Beyond Tellerrand · Die Bundesregierung · diesdas.digital GmbH · Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG · Helios Kliniken GmbH · Kiepenheuer & Witsch · MAGAZIN GmbH · Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. · PAGE · Pommersches Landesmuseum · Shutterstock Inc. · TOC Publishing · TYPO Berlin / TYPO Labs · VAAY / Sanity Care GmbH · VDI / VDE · JCDecaux SA